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Every one has a level of influence that can be harnessed for greater good.



The Heart, Mind & Soul behind The Jesuswalks Brand
Since i was a kid, i remember using my imagination and art to create a somewhat desirable world for myself within. This helped to distract me from the harsh reality of living in poverty, struggling, not knowing if my mom would lose her section 8 housing or if we would have enough food stamps to feed me and my siblings. To make matters worse, we would often move around Memphis, TN due to being burglarized, almost on schedule as if it was "Just that time of the year". Due to us being extremely poor, i would often ask classmates for their lunch, "Hey man you gonna eat your cornbread?" as if i was from the movie LIFE. Poverty lead tome being bullied by kids, family, and all of the above. I never knew chaos would come with not having the bare necessities. 

At 9yrs old, i got sick and tired of being in that situation, By the way if ino one would help me, i gotta pick myself up and find a way right?, so i did just that. I used few of my rainy day dollars, to buy some candy and became the classroom candyman. I sold candy to senior year and even had a few employees by the time i graduated High School. My business was booming so much that i was able to help my mom buy food and pay rent. I couldn't wait to grow up, discover the world and somehow make a difference for other suffering kids. 

Fast forward twenty years later i had retired from the U.S Merchant Navy after 7yrs of service. The pandemic came rolling in and i found myself homeless calling on Jesus, asking to be saved from physical and spiritual abuse. Jesus told me that he was walking with me and that all i needed to do was be obedient to his way with love by faith, and he wil give me a new life like never before. As soon as i chose to seek the kingdom of god first, JESUSWALKS  the brand was born and i was resurrected. I hope that JESUSWALKS gives people the motivation that they need to keep walking with Jesus Christ and believe that if he can pull me out of poverty and an abusive relationship over and over again. He can do the same for you too!

Be Obedient, Faithful, Strong, and Loving in Jesu' name and it will pay off.